A selfish idiot who shared a Facebook post about a child’s missing teddy bear and negated to write in the comments that he’d shared it or even where he lives.

Arrogant Pete Bowen, 38, was scrolling through his timeline when he noticed the post in the ‘Lost and found St Alban’s’ group.

Bowen said: “I just wanted to help the little girl who’d lost her teddy bear, no one told me there were ‘rules’.

“To be honest I feel it’s a sanctimonious thing to do, surely sharing the post is enough, why do you have to pat yourself on the back for it?”

Group Admin Theresa Connell said: “Pete received an instant group ban and I’ve notified Mark Zuckerberg about his behaviour.

“28 people shared the post, but only 27 commented that they’d shared it and where they lived. The sheer arrogance of the man.”

Bowen continued: “Unfortunately not telling everyone that I’d taken time out of my busy schedule to confirm I’d shared the post and told people where I lived, massively deflected attention away from the missing teddy bear.”

Little girl Cheryl Gray, 6, added: “Whoever has my teddy bear can fucking well keep it, this whole situation has ruined all the fond memories I have of it.”

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