Townhill’s Paradise Park has thrown its hat into the ring as a host pitch for Euro 2020 games.

The bid has been made by the West End AFC committee after it was announced that the stadium in Brussels that was originally lined up is yet to be built.

Committee member Pete Bowen said: “Some people are calling it audacious; I just tell those people that I don’t know what audacious means.

“We looked at it and after hearing Cardiff had made a bid we had to have a word, why should they get everything? Because they’ve got a Jamie’s and a fancy stadium?

“Paradise Park is one of the few parks in Europe where you can still find paper based porn strewn all over the place.”

Wales Manager Chris Coleman said: “I think it’s got legs, which is more than you can say for away teams who visit Paradise after the end of the game.

“They will kick you mind.”

Bowen added: “Ronaldo has his own decanter behind the bar at the Fairfield already.

“OK it’s not the Portuguese Ronaldo; it’s the one who lives on Geiriol Road who married my niece. He’s called Ronald really and he’s from Norwich originally, which is still pretty continental.”

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