A man in his 30s who wants more respect in work and from his family, spends three hours a night with headphones on making violent threats to children.

Dad of three Pete Bowen from Birchgrove, 37, feels undervalued at work and disrespected by his family, which he finds odd given he’s so dominant when playing online games against minors.

Bowen said: “People don’t listen to me or give me the respect I deserve, given I’m such a savage on Call of Duty which is like real life warfare I should command a lot more.

“After working all day I deserve my adult time, which is grunting at my family when I get home from work, then hurrying off to the attic to shout abuse at children on the XBox while I brutally murder them playing online war games.

“I’m a bit of a maverick football manager too. My antics on FIFA will no doubt land me a key role at the FA, then they’ll be sorry, especially when I marry one of the girls from Little Mix.”

Pete’s wife Theresa said: “When Pete told me he wanted to play video games and fancied a console for his birthday I thought he was taking the piss.

“I bought him one as a joke with every intention of taking it back and buying him something practical like a cook book or a personality, but he kept it and our kids haven’t had a relationship with their Dad since.”

Bowen continued: “A grown man with a non-challenging middle management job needs stress release, it’s probably science.

“Anyone who doesn’t play video games in such an inappropriately aggressive manner is just childish.”

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