A Landore man has filed a claim against Morriston Hospital for their disgusting attitude to his life threatening runny nose.

44 year old Pete Bowen, thankfully in remission, was left traumatised after being told to ‘man up’ in triage before being laughed at by a student nurse.

Bowen said: “Its not like I rushed up there straight away, I gave it at least an hour before calling an ambulance after noticing the contents of my brain pouring out of my snout. There were no ambulances in the end so I had to drive.

“And I had shivers.”

He continued: “From the moment I stumbled in there I was made to feel like some fraud, I was convinced one of the ones in green made a snide remark but that may have been the hallucinations from all the Lemsip.

“Then my Crunchie got stuck in the vending machine and I lost my head.”

Sister Theresa Connell said: “At first it was funny, but he was the 10th wet wipe we’ve had this week with a minor illness, blocking treatment for people with serious illnesses.

“They’re just so pathetic, I asked what he expected me to do about his cold and he said he shouldn’t have bothered coming in. Too right!”

Bowen continued: “I’m not dramatic or anything, I’m a man’s man, but I really thought I was going to die on a trolley in a corridor.

“As I lay in the bed in the cubicle I demanded, checking into A&E on Facebook with a spurious message saying ‘not again’, someone who was seriously ill died because all the beds were full.

“It’s a disgrace, I’m just feeling blessed that my cold had gone by the next morning.”

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