Mayhill has declared complete independence from Townhill following the historic vote today dubbed ‘Mexit’.

The vote, which took place in the Community Centre, is the result of weeks of campaigning by a group of residents who wish to have the ‘Garden City’ part of their name reinstated and who are fed up of queueing behind Townhill heads at the Housing Office.

Campaigner Pete Bowen said: “People are always talking about ‘going up the hill’ to buy things like drugs, completely missing out Mayhill altogether and heading straight to Townhill. That’s a major issue for our economy.

“In 1914 we were called Mayhill Garden City and we want this back so we can reap the same rewards as places like Welwyn Garden City. Tesco have their Head Office there so we’re hoping to strike a similar deal with Waitrose or CK’s.”

Swansea Council spokesperson Theresa Connell said: “The relevant councillors for the Townhill Ward called an urgent meeting today to request they are paid double the money now the Wards effectively split into two.”

Townhill resident Rob Gray added: “Who gives a shit?”