The Tinder account set up to promote Swansea’s City of Culture bid has been catfished by Neath.

The account, set up by organisers to raise awareness and gather support amongst young shaggers, started jovially enough but was led down a dark path by a dark town.

Swansea 2021 Social Media Assistant Pete Bowen said: “Tinder has a fairly wide reach in the City and we thought it would be a useful platform to promote the bid.

“We were meeting our objectives, there were some wrong-uns of course. Cardiff City Football Club sent us a dick pic and claimed it was bigger than it actually was. But we’ve come to expect that.”

Colleague Theresa Connell said: “It all started to go a bit wrong when a sexy account messaged us telling us how European and Cultural they were and we just got caught up in the moment.

“We ended up sending some very intimate pictures of our Worms Head and our set of Mumbles.”

Bowen added: “The account was very convincing, can you imagine being seduced by a beautiful, elegant and magnificent place only to find out it was Neath?”

Neath added: “Ha! They asked for a picture of something dirty so we sent them a picture of the bogs in the Gnoll.

“I got in trouble with my other half Port Talbot, but it was worth it to be able to bring them down a peg or two.”

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