Swansea is unified in its intention to pitch in and provide a warm bosom for the mega rich following the Paradise Paper leak.

The leak, which details the offloading of money into tax havens from people who are powerful, made its way into mainstream media on Sunday to the shock and disdain to many across the city.

Zero hours Warehouse Operative Pete Bowen said: “Why are we meddling in these good people’s finances? These are the people we aspire to be, it’s their wealth that’ll trickle down and solve all our current misery, isn’t it?

“I’m sure they’re avoiding tax and burying cash in the Cayman Island so that one day they can bring it all back here and pay for some extra nurses and open a few more libraries.

“It’s the brown looking chap next door but one who’s the problem. And that single Mother who was prosecuted for accidentally claiming extra benefits because her child was in hospital.”

Masters graduate and Costa trainee barista Theresa Connell said: “I’m sure there was some Westminster scandal that was gathering pace a couple of days ago, now this has come out I can’t remember what it was.

“Anyway, at first I was a little aggrieved by it all but then the Daily Mail’s comment section reassured me it was all legal and therefore, perfectly fine.

“Its times like this I’m pleased we have such a strong and stable Government looking after our interests. It’s like a comforting, unwanted grab on the arse from a drunken MP.”

Underpaid Rob Gray said: “The Queen’s being dragged into this by all those leftie bias media outlets? This is just not on.

“I’ve saved up all year to buy my son a new video game for Christmas, but I’m going to head down to Brighthouse in the morning to sell it and hand over the money to HMRC.

“I have to help. It’s the only moral thing to do.”

He added: “Not only that but Her Majesty should receive a nice little return on her investment after they shaft me and only give me two-thirds of the value of the game.

“It’s nice to see her invest in ethical businesses. We should give more to the church too because Attenborough is really taking the mick with all this science rubbish at the moment.”

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