The invasion of Portuguese man o’ wars has reached crisis point after a Penlan man found one in his bed.

34 year old Pete Bowen of Tudno Place, had read about the volume of the potentially deadly creatures being washed up on beaches across Swansea, but never anticipated to find one under his Swansea City duvet.

Bowen said: “I’d seen it on the Evening Post. These little purple things that can kill you, invading Swansea’s beaches.

“They’re freaky man, they just lie there, not moving and waiting to be touched. They definitely look squeezable to be fair, like a blown up condom you know?”

He added: “You just don’t expect to see them up here, they’re like famine. You see them from a distance on the news or whatever, you’re a bit concerned and that, but then you stick Mrs Brown’s Boys on and you forget all about it.

“I’d cleaned my teeth and was just about to get into bed when I saw it. I’ve had some creatures in there before let me tell you, but never one of these.

“It’s not even that I’m so far away from the sea, but I’m on the second floor too and there’s no lift.”

Marine Biologist Theresa Connell said: “There’s been an explosion of these things on beaches, you’ve probably read about it because it’s in the paper everyday.

“I can’t say me or my colleagues have had much work on in the Penlan area and we don’t plan to anytime soon, so we’ll just file this one under ‘unexplained’ and move on.”

Bowen continued: “Nobody will take it away and if I touch it I’ll die, so it’s pretty much moved in now and I’m on the sofa.

“I’ve called him Ernesto.”

photo credit: Davey6585 <a href=”″>Portuguese Man of War</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;