Dreadful people who wear shorts in the winter and loafers with no socks in summer are doling out advice on hangover cures.

The people, who do ‘constructive’ things with their weekends, waded in on the hangover debate after a Doctor confirmed getting pissed again isn’t the best hangover solution in The Sun.

Middle aged cyclist Pete Bowen, 44, said: “I don’t get hangovers because I’m 70% athlete and 30% smug.

“I have friends who spend time with their kids on the weekends while wearing jeans. These are the kind of people who get hangovers.

“For me a 10 mile bike ride is the perfect antidote to a few beers the night before, then rubbing it in everyone’s faces with sweaty selfies and condescending hashtags. Nothing makes me feel better about myself than making people feel bad about themselves.

“Its why I stuff my cycling shorts.”

32 year old Theresa Connell said: “Yeah I was out last night, but was up doing sun salutations at 6am before going for a run.

“Some of the girls will probably be in bed all morning, consumed by their duvet and regret.

“Not me though, I’ve got a Fitbit.”

Hungover Rob Gray added: “Stuff that, I only woke up to drink the leftover McDonalds coke from last night before going back to bed and read all the texts I sent to female work colleagues.

“Later on I’ll slide downstairs and drink three cans of Fosters and feel good again before texting Carol from Accounts with pictures of my penis.”

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