The Welsh Conservative Party have today launched their own Christmas advert starring Arnold the Austerity Aardvark.

The advert, which features a character with an unsurprisingly pig-like snout, will feature on ITV this evening and tells the story of Arnold clumsily walking around and ruining Christmas for the poor.

Party spokesperson Pete Bowen AM said: “We felt that a Christmas advert would be perfect to help us to engage with voters without actually having to speak to any of them.

“It was quite challenging finding a character, we were ironically going to use a fox but Alun Cairns said he’d murder it, even if it was an animation! He’s hilarious.”

Bowen continued: “An aardvark is perfect, it looks prehistoric which is representative of our Party views. Equally, it hunts ants with a ferocity matched only by our front bench and the way in which they set about dismantling society.

“The advert starts with Arnold growing up in a wealthy family. His father, a privileged banker, stashes the family wealth in tax havens and Arnold quickly learns that poor people deserve nothing.

“As Arnold grows up, he finds all his father’s money means he doesn’t really need to work, so he becomes an MP to fill his time. It shows images of starving, toyless children eating food bank food and all that stuff, but because Arnold’s an aardvark he cant really see any of it so he becomes PM.

“We’ll probably end up turning into a children’s book because it’s so heart warming.”

Test viewer Theresa Connell said: “It’s horrific. This aardvark is ruining the lives of families everywhere and receiving pay rises, promotions, tax relief and re-election.

“I complained to Ofcom but they just said because it’s pretty much real they can’t do anything about it.”

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