A man who set up a Dad Blog to highlight the trials and tribulations of being a father, has only highlighted how lazy he is as a parent and husband.

32 year old Pete Bowen from Mount Pleasant, set up the ‘Daddy this’ blog to try and score free stuff and have a legitimate reason for looking at pictures of good looking mums.

Bowen said: “I’ve wanted to be a blogger ever since last Saturday, so it’s good to finally be living my dream.

“I saw these blokes receiving free stuff and money for just writing about what they do every day and figured I’d give it a go.”

Bowen continued: “My first blog entry was about all the quality time I spend with my toddler where I sit on my chair and get him to bring me KP nuts and beer while I watch Babestation.

“My second was about how irritating my wife is for making me do stuff like change lightbulbs in the kitchen and pass her stuff when she’s cooking. The reason we got six spotlights in the first place was to make sure we always had one working.

“How needy do you have to be to want more than one light bulb?”

Pete’s wife Theresa said: “His third entry is going to be about how disgusting all the nappies are that he never changed and what happens when your baby swallows weed.

“He thinks the Gower Brewery will send him free beer, but really this is just evidence for when I divorce him.”

Bowen added: “I’m sure all the offers will come rolling in soon so I’ve resigned from my job to focus on my writing.

“In the meantime I’m going to continue to reference all of the hard work I do as a Dad, like being on hand on to critique my wife over things I don’t really know about.”

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