Some of Swansea’s Councillors have already spent their £200 pay rises on personal vanity.

The Councillors, often accused of party influenced vanity projects, have blown their extra £16.67 per month on enhancing their appearances and abilities.

Sketty Councillor Pete Bowen said: “I didn’t know what I was going to do with my windfall, but then I discovered Morrocanoil and oh my god I just died.

“I’ve never been all that good at handling budgets or wise investments, which is why I became a Tory Councillor in the first place. But what that Argan oil does for my hair? Forget. About. It.”

Oystermouth Councillor Rob Gray said: “In the recent elections I talked myself up a lot, which in hindsight was weird because there’s no substance.

“I’ve used my tax payer funded pay rise to print some qualifications and additional experience off and photocopy images of my testicles, which are freshly shaven because I invested in some new Babyliss hair clippers.”

Fairwood Councillor Theresa Connell said: “I went for a colonic irrigation, which is only around £40, but I was forced to ship in a tank truck because there was so much, you know.

“Borrowing more is something we, in our party in particular, do a lot of but don’t talk about. So I should get the rest of it removed fairly soon.”