A man from Treboeth has made the decision to delay the implementation of his new ‘fit and healthy lifestyle’ for the 47th week in a row.

37 year old Finance Manager Pete Bowen made the decision this morning after convincing himself when he was drunk and full of pizza last night that today way going to be the day for change.

Pete said: “Its a shame really, I thought this would be the week, but I got up late and the next thing you know I’ve done a bag of a Wispa minis and had a cup of milky tea with three sugars.

“It was meant to be a bowl of overnight oats, two pints of water and a green tea.

“As the sugar took effect I remembered I had a meeting in Briton Ferry at 11:00, so I’d have to get a McDonalds brekkie anyway because I’m there aren’t I?”

Pete’s wife Theresa said: “I made him some alkalising green soup and put two rice cakes in Tupperware for his lunch, but they’ll be in the fridge for the next three weeks now.

“He’ll message later asking what we can have that’s healthy for our tea, I’ll suggest some fish and maybe some vegetables, so he’ll come home with beer battered cod and potato waffles claiming ‘Sainsbury’s had run out of all vegetables’.

“It’s Groundhog Day.”

Pete added: “I was going to go for a run later, but there’s double Corrie and then First Dates is on, so I don’t want to be tired for that.

“I’ll start next Monday now, I’ll have one more week of drinking alcohol and eating a whole pack of Kit Kats every night, just for the last time, you know?

“There’s no point in starting on a Tuesday, it’s either all in or just continue to expand and feel mentally terrible. It’s all science and who am I to argue with that?”