This hasn’t been developed for commercial gain. Credit to original writer Scott English.


Swansea in my early life,

Slip bridge looked really nice,

Waiting to be a man,

A face down the Kingsway,

Twin Town every night,

Developed into.

Cinderella’s on Friday,

Bouncers beating kids up seemed OK,

No one said a word,

In hindsight it’s absurd,

And then it all made sense,

This is my city, oh Swansea.

We went to the Vetch and then Ritzy’s,

And we took loads of Mitzi’s, in Swansea,

And you found me in Quids Inn then Jubbly’s,

And then Ken bu Kan too, oh Swansea.

I’m in the queue for Chick-o-land,

Not Steak by Night cos I was banned,

Caught up in a fight with some random mush,

I have a black eye,

Then I queue for the taxi, oh Swansea.

Then I landed a job with the Council,

At first with West Glam then Swansea,

Start late then finished early on Fridays,

Then down to Sam’s Caf, oh Swansea.

The lagoon’s a dream,

High Street’s awnings,

Crying at the Swans,

The City Deal’s calling, oh Swansea.

Now we’re going for City of Culture,

Judges came on a grey day, oh Swansea,

Hope they ignored the road infrastructure,

But it’s nicer than Stoke in Swansea.

Sometimes you look like a stunning flower,

But sometimes you wilt, oh Swansea,

I drive and then head down to Gower,

And I love you.