A Swansea man who quit his pretty decent job, because he wanted to take back control of his job, is now regretting his decision.

42 year old Pete Bowen, who was an Account Manager in a secure company with many benefits, decided to quit his job after reading an ill informed comment on the Internet and now his children’s future is looking bleak.

Bowen said: “In hindsight it did say ‘quite you’re job’ instead of ‘quit your job’, but it was blaming other people for stuff that I couldn’t be arsed to take responsibility for, so I ran with it.

“I figured it’d be nice and easy and that nothing would really change, but then I stopped getting paid. I’d signed an employment contract the prevented me from doing a similar job with another company for 18 months too.

“Because of this I’m working the same hours in a similar company and with the same employment terms, but for a lot less money, no access to new clients or opportunities. All the while my old company has complete control of the market and I have no input.”

Bowen added: “I thought by ‘leaving’ I would restrict my old company from promoting my Polish colleague, because he’d be nothing without me and would just get sacked. But it turns out he can stay and go wherever he wants, taking advantage of promotions and things on an on-going basis.

“One of my colleagues Dai Davis said he’d sort something out, but it turns out he’s a lying piece of shit who’s done nothing but blow hot air.

“I thought I’d won and they’d lost and they should just get over it, but really I should’ve looked into this in a bit more detail.”

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