Parents at a school play in a Swansea Primary School are working really hard to convincingly support the kid who won the lead role over their own child.

The parents, sweating uncomfortably while sat in chairs too small for their backsides, are pulling their best ‘aww face’ for little Frankie Connell who’s landed the role of ‘Head of Christmas’ this year.

Pete Bowen, Dad of shepherd number 2, said: “I honestly think it’s fantastic that I’m sat in the back row while my son is occasionally on the opposite end of the stage to the point I can’t even get a picture of him.

“This was a half day’s annual leave well spent wasn’t it?

“I notice ‘Frankie-my-Mum-is-active-on-the-PTA’ is getting a lot of stage time though. Great.

“Am I smiling or just gritting my teeth with hate while that little prick, who’s unrealistically polite and calls me by my first name, tries to say ‘Nazareth’?”

Mum of angel number 4 Cheryl Gray said: “Oh look, the parents of all the other angels have co-ordinated with an Amazon costume purchase and my daughter looks like a bog brush with wings.

“Wait, is that Frankie in the middle of the stage? The boy, who just last summer pissed all over the stage while dressed as a sunflower, has been promoted to lead role?

“There goes your contribution to the new ‘all weather sand pit’ you starving shits.

“My daughter was angel number 3 last year, if anything she’s going backwards. Now I don’t feel bad for the glass of wine and three Lamberts I had earlier.”

Frankie’s Mum Theresa Connell added: “Oh we couldn’t make it this year because my life partner and I were really busy cleansing our minds through a new style of Buddhist meditation.

“It’s just important everyone takes part and love each other. Which I can say because Frankie was the lead.”

photo credit: calafellvalo <a href=”″>Adoració dels Reis 2016 (16)</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;