A man has made a productive start to his Christmas shopping by opening up the 3 for 2 page on the Boots website and hitting ‘Page Down’ over and over again.

Calm Pete Bowen, 40, decided to make a start on his shopping when his colleague Theresa informed him that she’d completed and wrapped all of her presents before the 1st of December.

Pete said: “I figured I’d make a little bit of a start, four days before Christmas feels a little early, but it does give me an extra few days to blankly look at items and not buy them.

“I’ve opened the page up and there are over 1,000 products; with the best will in the World I can’t go through all of these, so I’m just sat here scrolling really.

“I saw a Champneys thing for my Mrs which looked quite nice, but it was called ‘One Minute Wonder’ which is the nickname the boys gave me when I pulled a bird from Merthyr out in Magaluf. I haven’t thought about her in ages so I’ve gone onto Facebook to try and find her and the next thing I know its 7pm and I’m 100 names into her friends list seeing if she’s got any fit mates.”

Pete added: “I’ll probably be alright now; I’ll nip into town Saturday to get my bird’s stuff. I’ll spend half an hour hanging around outside Ann Summers, because I’m not sure if I’m meant to go in there or not?

“Then I’ll run into Boots and rely on a blend of impulse and buying what’s left in the 3 for 2 range. At 5pm I’ll really start panicking, but I’m sure I’ll get enough to stuff. It’s all about quantity not quality.”