Swansea City Football Club are set to announce charismatic hotelier and Travel House bloke Martin Morgan as interim Head Coach.

The appointment comes after the sacking of Paul Clement, the fifth scapegoat in two years who’s made the board look silly despite their increasing wealth.

Club spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “Its a tried and tested formula, we take someone who’s been at the club for a while and then put them in charge.

“They keep us up, Sky Sports pay us, we sell our best players and then have pre-season discussions about pushing for Europe.

“Martin’s been here for years, so he knows the club inside out. We’ll probably stick Oli McBurnie in as his Assistant because he’s been here for a while.”

Bowen added: “Martin’s likely to be a dab hand in the transfer market too. I don’t want to give anything away, but let’s say him and Marvin Emnes were pretty close because their names sound so similar.

“Fabianski is having a great season this year, so after we sell him in summer, Martin’s going to get in touch with Roger (Freestone) about making a comeback. If not, the Penlan keepers doing alright this season too, so there’s a contingency.

“Football is a business nowadays, the United States aren’t looking stupid with a businessman at the helm, so there’s no reason we can’t do the same.”