Parents with young children have been told that at around 7pm some mushes will set a stolen car on fire up Kilvey Hill, which can then be passed off as Santa.

The free gesture from some of Swansea’s finest, will give parents a perfect opportunity to send their kids to bed under the guise that Santa is in the City and he won’t come to see them until they’re asleep.

Mush Pete Bowen said: “Just think of it as us giving something back, unless of course it’s your car we’re burning out. And it could be by the way.

“Look, I’ve got kids, somewhere, so I know it’s probably frustrating when all you want to do is get off your bean, but you can’t get little Frankie off to sleep because he’s so excited.

“At around 7pm we’ll set a car on fire for you on Kilvey Hill, you’re welcome by the way, then you can say ‘f*** off to bed now, that’s Santa.’”

Mum Theresa Connell from Mount Pleasant said: “What a lovely and festively spirited thing to do.

“I called those mushes all sorts when they had my Corsa away in August, but now I feel like a right selfish cow! If our daughter is in bed by 8pm we can get really shitfaced and be really hungover in the morning.

“Bless their little mush hearts.”

Dad Rob Gray from Sandfields said: “How generous is that? They say heroes don’t wear capes and now I know what they mean. They wear Ellesse tops!

“Hopefully it’ll be an Audi A4 because then it’ll belong to some arsehole which will make it that extra bit sweeter.”

Mush Bowen added: “We were inspired to do this by the Space Station that flies overhead, so I can’t take the credit for the idea.

“I’m not expecting a Nobel prize or anything, but the council have been in touch and I’m likely to be Mayor by May, now.

“Merry Christmas, mush!”

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