A couple who’ve finally sobered up after three weeks of solid drinking face having the remainder of their Christmas break ruined by sobriety.

Rob and Cheryl Gray from Three Crosses, realised the reason they’d had such a nice time and been so tolerant with the kids was because they’d been drunk the whole time, with the effects wearing off this morning.

Cheryl, 39, said: “I woke up this morning and realised it was really just a Thursday, like a horrible, regular day but to make it worse everyone’s here.

“The constant cries of ‘play with me Mummy’ ringing in my ear from my husband. The children wanting food and advice on their hatchimals.

“Just a few days ago I woke up drunk and started drinking again and it was completely acceptable behaviour.”

Rob, 43, said: “I stumbled downstairs this morning and was part way through making myself a Mimosa when I realised it’s just ‘a day’.

“I’m not sure what day it is, who is at this stage? But the money for the gas bill left my account this morning and I’m really not that comfortable with it.”

Son Frankie, 9, added: “Mummy’s breath has smelt like gone off grapes and smoke all year, so I’m not sure why it’s such a shock.

“I made her a mulled wine for breakfast and she’s perked up a bit now.”

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