An advert for a New Year deal for a city gym has been analysed by people who speak proper and its subtext has raised a few eyebrows.

The advert, promoting a half price deal for three month’s membership, tries to depict the gym as a welcoming and nonjudgmental destination with sculpted, mentally balanced people who were just like you were once.

Language expert at Swansea University Pete Bowen said: “On the face of things this looks like a good deal, but the small print bothered me.

“The bit at the bottom which states that you’ll be ‘signing up for 18 months and if you renege you’ll be mocked in Peppermint by roiders’ stuck out.”

Novice gym goer Theresa Connell said: “I defecated Quality Street which were still in their wrappers this morning, which was a bit of a trigger for change.

“I saw the advert, which had some very good stock images on it of people not from Swansea, and I was about to sign up, but they spelt ‘nutritional advice’ newtrishinal advise so I thought better of it and had a bacon sandwich.”

Rob Gray, 52, from Mansleton added: “I called them up and told them I’m a bit anxious about the gym so they put on their ‘mind specialist’.

“It turns out he’s a 21 year old lad who’s done a trainer course at Gower College but hasn’t had the certificate yet.

“His advice of ‘get massive because it’s the answer to everything’ didn’t really work unfortunately, so I’m starting 2018 the same way as I ended 2017 by eating After Eights.”

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