A Gorseinon man is fed up of being told by his wife that he should ‘work on his communication skills’ and instead thinks she should work harder on her telepathy.

Husband and Dad of three Pete Bowen, 39, has been married to wife Theresa for ten years, spending the last few years sitting across from her in the lounge every night attempting to transmit important marital information through his mind.

Bowen said: “Theresa reckons I didn’t tell her about my hours being cut in work, but I did think about it when she was in the room so she’s at fault for not listening.

“She says ‘you don’t compliment me anymore’, I told her I always think about the fact I’d still like to give her one, so I’m not sure what else I can do?”

Theresa said: “I have no idea what’s going on in his mind.

“I want him to share his feelings and be open with me about what everyone in his office has been doing, especially the juicy stuff.”

Bowen continued: “Did she lose you at ‘feelings’ too? I don’t have ‘feelings’, I went to Penlan School.

“I made a New Years resolution to drink more in the week though, so things in the marriage are becoming more bearable.”

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