A bigoted arse from Swansea is attempting to legitimise his heinous views by adding kisses to the end of his unreasonable comments on Facebook.

Intolerant and narrow minded dickhead Pete Bowen, 47, spends his days busily flooding comments on Facebook posts from Swansea Online, in a bid to declare himself as some sort of purveyor of truth from his Headquarters, his Mother’s terraced house in Cwmbwrla.

Bowen said: “As a society, we need quick answers from people who don’t know what they’re talking about and can’t be fucked to do any research. I don’t even read the articles most of the time, I just see the headline and sort out the issue. It’s what I do.

“I like to throw an ‘x’ at the end of my little statement of truths because I see it as a way to say ‘you’re welcome’ to all the lefty scum who want to demonise powerful and intelligent leaders like Farage or Golding. Also it’d be nice if one of them asked me out on a date sometime because I’m a little bored of masturbating over the image of Jayda Fransen doing a Muslim with a strap-on.”

Bowen continued: “I have some real examples of the productive, common sense based comments I’ve shared on Swansea Online. There was an article on Swansea prison being unsafe, overcrowded and riddled with drugs, so I just wrote ‘Good enough for the scum, it’s not Morgan’s Hotel lol x’, I know it was the right thing to say because it got eight likes.

“It doesn’t matter that they may be vulnerable or that the prison holds people on remand that may actually be innocent, they’re scum. End of. My brother was caught drink driving and may have killed someone but got off because we had a good lawyer, so I’ve been there and can be as judgemental as I like.

“Then there was an article about teenagers swearing in Morrisons so I just commented ‘hang them, that’ll teach them x’. Then there was an article on people waiting in Ambulances outside A&E, so I said ‘bet all the immergrunts got seen in an hour though x’, which is another fact by the way, I learnt it from my own head because I believe in people who have the same level of intelligence as me.”