With the festivities now well and truly over, The Daily Swansea has taken time out from cutting edge investigative journalism to engage with some alcohol guzzling drains on society who are participating in ‘Dry January’.

Dry January is a fantastic opportunity for people to not drink for the most depressing month of the year and feel good about really going over the top when the 6 Nations starts.

Here’s what YOU told US about YOUR progress:

Pete Bowen, 41, Financial Controller, Uplands

“It seemed a good time to change my alcohol consumption; I was doing four bottles of Budweiser a night and I found myself waking up feeling all groggy and fuzzy headed.

“So since January the 1st I’ve been drinking my bottles of bud during the day time. I find that by spacing them out it gives me a better buzz across the day and by the morning time my head is clear and I’m ready to start all over again.”

Theresa Connell, 31, Health Care Assistant, Morriston

“I think Dry January is a really good initiative, it’s mad to think there’s around 600 calories in a bottle of wine and it’s a great opportunity to take a step back and look at that.

“I haven’t drunk a drop since New Year’s Day, which I’m really proud about! I’ve substituted my alcohol with weed basically, so my intake of greens has gone up too.”

Cheryl Gray, 27, Marketing Assistant, Mount Pleasant

“I’ve made a big noise about this on social media; you won’t see me drinking in Dry January. I’ve posted loads of pictures of the flat stomach I already had anyway and I’m basking in the likes. You can never have too many “You look amazing hun” messages.

“I don’t actually drink because it wreaks havoc with my IBS. But I’m milking this for all its worth.”