A serious chat about drugs between a father and son from West Cross, ended in an argument over which generation’s drugs are the best.

Escape regular in the late 90s and early noughties Pete Bowen, 43, and son Frankie, 19, sat down yesterday to discuss the risks involved in recreational drug use. But things quickly spiralled out of control when the pair started making comparisons.

Pete said: “It was supposed to be educational, but Frankie can be a right little know-it-all sometimes.

“He was telling me about how all these drugs you buy on the ‘internet’ are really good. One of them was laughing gas, which is ridiculous. You want to get off your bean, not experience a trip to the dentist.

“I told him we had proper E back in the day, we only needed to neck about 9 or 10 and we’d be able to stay up all night snorting coke.”

Frankie said: “Dad’s convinced that if you’re not buying it from a shady looking roider in Mount Pleasant it doesn’t count. But times change.

“There’s people in labs creating complex, legal loophole gear which doesn’t make you come down so badly to the point you cry until Wednesday.

“I can get everything checked now so I know what’s in it and everything.”

Pete added: “Can you imagine sitting on the stairs of Escape with a drug testing kit? I could barely focus on my Nokia screen.

“Not knowing what the 10% of Mandy is mixed with is part of the journey. Is it speed? Is it brick dust? Don’t analyse it, double drop and see what happens.”

Pete’s wife Theresa added: “I haven’t had a proper update yet but I think it went well, it’s important we have a real tough stance on this by not giving advice and forcibly inflicting a strict ‘just say no policy’.

“I just hope Pete doesn’t mention that he and I met in Ken Bu Kan when I made him split his last gurner with me, because that’d be hypocritical.”

This is purely satirical and doesn’t advocate the use of drugs, especially for those who may be impacted by addiction. However, there is a message to educate young people within it.

Check the following for advice: http://www.talktofrank.com and http://www.wcada.org