A woman who has her birthday this weekend expects to go out to celebrate with her friends like it’s a normal month.

Recruitment Consultant Theresa Connell, who turns 27 this Friday, has designs on a lunch out in La Parilla followed by an afternoon and evening of Prosecco and cocktails, but her friends can barely afford a McDonalds.

Theresa said: “I’m not sure why, but my birthdays are always a bit more low key than the others’. Last year we just went for a walk.

“My friend Cheryl’s birthday last year was amazing. I want a day and night exactly like that.”

Theresa’s friend Pete Bowen added: “Cheryl’s birthday is the 1st of July, so not only is after payday, but it’s also a far less depressing month.

“I tell you, after Christmas I’m struggling to make my packet of pasta and jar of pesto last for the rest of the month. Not sure how I’m going to piece together an all dayer.”

Friend Cheryl Gray said: “Theresa’s one of my oldest friends and when we were in school I don’t ever remember her birthday being an issue.

“Now that we’re a bit older I can’t help but feel that she’s a bit of a selfish bitch having a January birthday, but I may be feeling like this because I can’t pay my rent this month.”

Theresa continued: “I’ve set up a birthday WhatsApp group but no ones responded yet.

“They’re probably all planning an amazingly expensive surprise present or something.”