Swansea Council also completed a cabinet reshuffle yesterday by bringing in a big lucky dip into County Hall.

The reshuffle, already heralded as a greater success than Prime Minister Theresa May’s, took place in County Hall after hours at 4:30pm after all the staff had left for the day.

New cabinet member for Health & Wellbeing Pete Bowen said: “I was hoping for Commercial Opportunities & Innovation because I have an NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration, but health will do for me.

“I have some exciting plans and I’m looking forward to saying “as you were” to all of the various departments within the Authority.”

New Environment Services member Theresa Connell said: “My parents ran a second hand car dealership when I was growing up, so I know all the best places to fly tip car parts, used oil and unwanted plastic wrapping.

“It’s an honour to serve Swansea in my new capacity and I’m absolutely delighted with the enhanced expenses package.”

New Housing, Energy and Building Services member Rob Gray said: “As the son of a wealthy landlord my Dad is finally proud of me.

“His solicitor can’t wait to exploit a variety of legal loopholes so Daddy can become more richer, which means he gets to flip more houses in my name so he doesn’t have to pay so much tax.

“We’re all so very pleased to serve you.”