Meghan Markle is coming to Swansea this weekend for a personal appearance at Fiction nightclub on Little Wind Street.

The actress, predominantly known for her role in US drama Suits, is visiting the city for her third official public engagement since her first public engagement to Prince Harry and a second in Brixton yesterday.

Fiction nightclub manager Pete Bowen said: “We’re excited to be welcoming Meghan to Fiction this weekend, I’m a massive fan of Suits and as a red head, I appreciate the charity work she’s bestowed upon herself to marry one of us.

“She’s up there with Gemma Collins from TOWIE as one of the highest profile PAs we’ve had at the club, so we’ll be bringing in some of the boys from Top Banana to work the doors as back up.

“We’ve lined up a crate of WKD Blue and access to some of the best ketamine in the city, absolutely no expense spared for the future Queen.”

Royal Family spokesperson Theresa Connell said: “We want to have Meghan out working as quickly as possible, her future Gran in Law really needs a new roof in Windsor Castle too and as people who get taxis home from Tesco say, every little helps.

“The schedule confirms she’ll arrive at around 23:00 hours and will be on stage to shout ‘Royals in the house’ a few times, before the resident DJ plays ‘Miami’ by Will Smith as Meghan judges a twerking contest.”

Fiction regular Rob Gray added: “I’m a little annoyed at having to pay an extra £3 to get in this weekend, but it sounds like it’s for a good cause. My Gran needed a new roof once so we’ve all been there.

“I just hope she doesn’t try DJing like the one from Love Island did that time, the idiot pressed skip instead of play and I really wanted to dance to the techno version of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion.”


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