The announcement of 175 jobs for Swansea City Centre from travel giant TUI, has been given the thumbs down by some residents because there’s no production line, mucky mugs of tea or nude calendars on the wall.

The positions, which will be based in the City’s Alexandra House, are being supported by a £525k business grant from Welsh Government, but involve using fancy equipment like ‘phones’ and ‘computers’ meaning they’re not proper jobs where you get your fingernails dirty and talk about birds with your mates.

Local resident Pete Bowen said: “All this ‘customer experience’ stuff is a load of old bollocks, what happened to proper jobs where you make stuff and can be casually racist with your workmates? Why would I need to a call centre to help me book into the same resort I go to every year in Tenerife?

“You need lines of men, real men, none of these bearded idiots who moisturise. Proper men who assemble products, dig for stuff and pour corrosive liquid into things without wearing gloves. That’ll sort the country out.

“It’s because of jobs like these that we have all these bisexuals running around the place.”

Bowen continued: “If you go back to the 1970s it was a fantastic time and that’s what we did, proper jobs, and none of us trimmed our pubic hair either. I blame Corbyn for this for wanting to take us back to the 1970s.

“We’re giving this German company all this money to come over here and give people jobs. It’s a shambles.”

TUI spokesperson Theresa Connell said: “We recognise the concerns, actually we don’t, what is this?”


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