Sick criminals are combing car parks in beaches around Gower, breaking into surfers’ cars and replacing their baggy surf branded clothes with items from Sports Direct.

The shocking spate of activity, which has been going on for months, has led victims to endure the indignity of wearing clothes with stripes or a crocodile logo on them.

Surfer Pete Bowen, 34, said: “I’d heard Crab Island was gnarly because one of the boys rang me up and starting shouting quotes from Point Break down the phone.

“I’m a simple guy, all I need is my board, the ocean, my job as a corporate lawyer and the Billabong clothes on my back.

“I came back to the car to get my wetsuit off and there was a pile of clothes in the back of my van with luminous discount labels on them saying 70% off.

“I didn’t know what to say so I was all like ‘ah no way!’”

Caswell surfer Rob Gray said: “The thing is like, it’s all just like totally out of order, like.

“The swell was immense and I was buzzing getting back to my van to get warmed up in my Rip Curl fleece, but there was an Ellesse jumper in its place.

“I’m not being funny, I like sportswear and I’ve even got a North Face jacket, but Ellesse jumpers and Lacoste polo shirts? I can’t feasibly be seen in this, I’d rather they nicked my credit card because I can cancel that.

“Instead they replaced the Dave Friar wallet I’ve had since I was 14 with a Gola one. I’m totally broken.”

Gower PCSO Theresa Connell added: “We’re asking members of the public to be vigilant and to call us if they see a giant Sports Direct mug in the area.”

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