Bellends who drive 4x4s have had a whale of a time on flooded roads in the city this morning.

The flash floods occurred following heavy rain, which left some Gower residents even more cut off from reality than they usually are.

Kia Sportage driver Pete Bowen, 53, said: “The Mumbles Road was like a big, dirty wet dream. The roads by West Cross were completely submerged, I went through it 19 times!

“My favourite is when there’s a KA or similar on the other side of the road, creeping along, trying to stay in the middle so they don’t damage their car or whatever bollocks people with small cars worry about.

“That’s my cue my to floor it and exert my sizeable authority on them, I don’t even feel the water because of my Kia.”

Range Rover driver Theresa Connell, 44, said: “I’m so important I don’t even know where I’m driving half the time. But I do know I’m higher up than most of you.

“I’d seen some pictures of Scurlage and a note saying that no cars could get in or out, which is a stupid thing to say because I have a Range Rover.

“As I proudly drove through I saw a stranded car and just as they opened their window to beckon me for assistance I turned the car, created a huge wave and soaked them.

“If you drive a Corsa you have to deal with the consequences.”

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