A man from Manselton is the surprise candidate to replace Henry Bolton as leader of UKIP.

Rob Gray, also know as Rob the Racist, has become favourite to take over following the party’s shameless shying away from racism under the current leader, who appeared almost embarrassed about his girlfriend’s racist comments about Meghan Markle.

Racist Rob, 53, said: “When Henry inevitably steps down, I’ll be on hand to take on the responsibility of both UKIP and his 25 year old glamour model girlfriend.

“I watched Nigel Farage closely when he was in charge, so I’ll be smoking and drinking up the Cwmfelin Club as much as I can, which made loads of people believe Nigel knew what he was on about.

“In addition, instead of pretending not be racist, I’ll implement a policy of just letting go and being racist, which I know the party members will be relieved about.”

Rob added: “I’ll also be bringing back sexual harassment in the workplace which I’m sure will boost workplace morale and productivity.”