Swansea’s Councillors are to participate in a ‘role swap’ initiative backed by the Ministry of Justice next month, we can exclusively reveal.

The overall aim of the scheme is to rehabilitate some of the ‘hardest to reach’ in society and to also help prisoners gain vital life experience of occasionally turning up to meetings.

MoJ spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “We picked Swansea as our pilot prison for the scheme to deflect from some of the criticism its had recently.

“We figured if we bunged a load of Councillors in there it’d become more fun house than house of correction and everyone would be forgiving of the fact that we won’t be spending any money on improvements any time soon.

“There’s no magic money tree unless it benefits the Conservative Party. Don’t you know this yet?”

Prisoner Rob Gray said: “Its home from home for us in many ways. Occasionally our girlfriends sit on the grass verge opposite the prison flashing at us, while the partners of Councillors sit on the verge behind flicking ‘v’ signs at them.

“We constantly look for ways to escape jail, while they look for ways to escape from environmental planning meetings.

“I just hope it’s a positive learning experience for the Councillors.”

Councillor Theresa Connell said: “My biggest fear is not being able to nap three times a day and having to go to numeracy classes. I was responsible for negotiating the surveyor for the Oceana demolition, the last thing I want to do is learn how to do a maths.

“I’m also scared about the drugs, apparently there’s loads in there, but I bet they’re all crap.”