A woman who was convinced her family history lay firmly within Swansea, has been left reeling by DNA results which confirm her ancestors were mainly from Llanelli.

42 year old Theresa Connell sent a saliva drenched swab away around two months ago, hoping the results would help her find lost relatives around the city, but has instead been bombarded by messages from Turks.

Theresa said: “I had the results two days ago, initially I thought there’d been an error or someone was playing a sick and evil prank, but upon checking they’re correct and I haven’t left the house since.

“As far as I knew I was mainly Mount Pleasant, a bit of Treboeth, a small percentage Mumbles and a bit Scandinavian on account of the fact everything in my lounge is black and white, but with a lime green sofa.”

DNA expert Pete Bowen said: “Its not uncommon for people to have romanticised thoughts of where they’re from.

“In Mrs Connell’s case for example, there was no Mumbles whatsoever. Her Great Aunt was in the Evening Post for having sex with a lifeboat worker on the Mumbles Train, but that was it.”

Theresa added: “I’d hoped to have connected with some inoffensive relatives who could at least talk proper and have a nice meal in Morgan’s.

“Instead I’ve been roped into a reunion in the Stradey Arms wherever that is. My husband keeps asking me to “pass a sospan” and now I want a divorce.

“Curiosity killed the cat, but for me it’s just ruined my life and now I have to deal with this for the rest of my days.”

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