Ahead of the start of the 6 Nations tomorrow, a Gowerton woman has started her annual hunt for her massive daffodil hat and the rugby top she bought in 2005 after Gavin Henson kicked Wales to victory over England.

38 year old Clerical Assistant Theresa Connell is highly superstitious over her 6 Nations get-up, but can’t remember if she left her outfit in the attic or in the smoking area of The Commercial pub after the victory over France last year.

Theresa said: “Ironically the shirt has ‘Brains’ written on the front of it! If I’d used some of those last year I’d have left it in a safe place. I probably wouldn’t have slept with Paul the Perv from Waunarlwydd after the Ireland game either.

“I do this every year, it’s not feasible for me to ‘just buy a new top’ because if I don’t wear it, and the hat, then Wales are doomed. It’s not like a dead pet that you can just replace, the country is relying on me.

“I’ve been on TV in that outfit ten times, I think, it could’ve been me or it could’ve been thousands of other women who wear the same hat, top and bootcut denim jeans that I do.”

Theresa’s son Frankie said: “Every year we’ll be sat the day before a game, watching Jonathan Davies caressing his thighs, squealing over rugby’s wet dream and listening to Eddie Butler reeling off some pointless monologue, before Mum just leaps up and screams.

“It completely consumes her for 24 hours as she turns the house upside down to enable her to look ridiculous, but weirdly patriotic at the same time.

“I find it’s a good opportunity to offload some of the bad news I have going on my life, because she doesn’t really hear what I’m saying. This year I told her about how I was stoned for my Maths exam at Christmas, she didn’t even acknowledge it.”

Theresa added: “I’m pretty sure this annual stress could be turned into a gritty drama with Sarah Lancaster playing me.

“Hopefully it’ll be in the attic because then it’ll still have that musty damp smell it’s had for the last 13 years, which I can cover up with Impulse.”

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