A mine containing a ‘substantial amount’ of Bitcoins has been uncovered by a group of teenage weed smokers in Penlan.

The youngsters stumbled across the mine while carrying out ‘doughnut’ manoeuvres on reportedly borrowed off road motorbikes.

16 year old Pete Bowen from Penderry Road said: “Me and the boys was on the bikes, innocently minding our own business and smoking some of the honkiest skunk ever, when the ground just caved in.

“At first we thought it may be a good place to burn the bikes out, I mean park them up safely for the night, then we saw these coins with a ‘B’ on them.”

17 year old Rob Gray from Tudno Place added: “I looked them up on my phone and found out they were Bitcoins, I was stunned to be honest because they were full coins and I’d have thought they’d have only been a bit of a coin.

“After that revelation sunk in, we took them down the Chinese to get some crispy beef and special fried rice because we had the munchies something chronic, but they wouldn’t take the f**kers.”

Pete added: “We realised these coins were hot and we had to offload them and there’s loads of mugs queuing up to buy.

“By the time we got back to my mine, had another joint and played X Box for two hours, the value had gone down and they were virtually worthless, so we chucked them down a drain outside.

“All in all it was a disappointing night, but at least that skunk was the bollocks.”