Townhill based takeaway ‘Chicken on the Hill’ have denied any wrongdoing in relation to the closure of KFC restaurants across the city.

The takeaway based on Penygraig Road is enjoying a busier than normal period, as rumours circulate that hijacked chicken is being held at an address is Townhill which may have resulted in the delivery issues being faced by the 900 branch brand.

Chicken on the Hill spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “The rumour that a house on Gomer Road is currently storing 20,000 ready-to-cook chickens is clucking ridiculous.

“To suggest for one moment that we have the capacity to bring down a delivery network on the scale of KFC’s is sheer madness. That being said, we do have chicken and KFC don’t, so feel free to come along and visit us.

“We also do pizzas.”

Gomer Road resident Theresa Connell said: “I usually buy from Chicken on the Hill because I like to shop local, but a bloke who lives four doors down who’s a bit of an entrepreneur is also selling chicken for a limited period and that’s even more local.

“He’s promised to fry it in a secret recipe, I thought it may have been stolen KFC because of their secret ‘herbs and spices’ recipe, but he’s assured me it’s actually a ‘spices and herbs’ recipe so that’s different.”


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