News outlets across Wales have copied, pasted and released ‘that’ article about us maybe having some snow for the ninth time this winter.

The article, which returns for news outlets a lot of clicks for not a lot of information and even less snow, will be released to the public again today as people salivate over the possibility of a day off work or school.

Online News Editor Pete Bowen said: “Great news, Russia is sending some weather our way so we’re going to chuck that article out again and accompany it with the pictures of when it actually did snow once in 1982.

“It’s great news for the advertising team as they’ll hit their target this month, because people really like reading articles about possible snow. It’s bad news for people who want to read anything which has a remote chance of happening, like how terrible Brexit will be.

“We put a good hour into the snow article for this year, but really we could just write ‘IT MIGHT F**KING SNOW OK” and we’d still make a packet from Adsense.”

Snow enthusiast Theresa Connell said: “Oh my God. Snow!

“I spend hours every year clicking on snow articles and fantasising about having a day off work. Sometimes I wonder if I should channel that enthusiasm into doing some work. But you know, SNOW!”

Bowen added: “We could write a bit more about how the Tories are slowly killing off poor people, but thats a bit too morbid and factual.

“It’s mad to think that in only 4 weeks we’ll be releasing the article about how it’s going to be hotter than Ibiza in Colwyn Bay.”

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