Parents who wear pyjamas on the morning school run have been advised to wear more suitable nightwear and a dressing gown this week, as cold weather arrives in the city.

Swansea Council’s Education Department made the announcement this morning and will be sending letters home from school with children. The letter will also strongly recommend wearing rubber soled slippers to avoid any slipping accidents in the playground.

Education Officer Pete Bowen said: “We have some severely cold weather coming in from Russia, so we want to make sure parents are well prepared to mitigate the risk of them suing us if they fall over on ice or snow.

“A lot of it is common sense, we can’t control what people wear to drop their children off at school in the morning, but a lacey chemise or a Disney themed pyjama top and boxer shorts just won’t work in this weather.

“Footwear is important too, flip flops or canvas slippers may result in a trip, slip or fall and while it’s hilarious to watch, it could cost the authority a lot in compensation money. In the same breath, we recommend that you reduce the amount of alcohol you consume the night before, and in some cases, the morning of a cold school run.”

Local Dad Rob Gray said: “This is just another example of our Labour led council trying to control us because they’re communists.

“I’ll be at the school in the morning as usual, in my Del Boy dressing gown with nothing underneath and I’ll be smoking a joint.”

Mum Theresa Connell added: “This is health and safety gone mad and typical of the modern snowflake culture.

“If I had to get dressed properly then I’d only have to come home to get back into my pyjamas before I go grab a coffee and go to Tesco, what a waste of time. No wonder productivity is so low in this country.”

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