The massive daffodil which a man had attached to his 1982 Welsh jersey with a safety pin the size of a woodlice this morning, has fallen off.

Winch Wen man Pete Bowen thought he’d meticulously planned his St David’s Day get up by purchasing a fully grown daffodil and cleaning his Welsh rugby jersey, but he faced a mad dash around his house to find a safety pin before eventually taking one which attached a label to a new Zara t-shirt.

Pete said: “Last year I forgot about St David’s Day and I was like the only kid who gets sent to school without a costume on.

“I had it all figured out, I purchased a daffodil the size of my arm, washed the vomit off my Welsh jersey from when I wore it up the pub for the 6 Nations with a wet wipe, then laid it all out ready for the big day.”

Anxious Bowen added: “I trimmed the daffodil and put foil all around the bottom of it, only because that’s what my Mam used to do, then I realised I had nothing to stick it on with. The panic was indescribable.

“Blu tack, sellotape, my daughter’s Pritt Stick, all unsuccessfully held the weighty daff in place. Panicking, I ran upstairs and found the smallest safety pin in the world and managed to get it on.

“It started to come off on the bus so I zipped my jacket up and leant against the seat in front to hold it in place. I was trying to be positive, but deep down I knew the day was ruined and when I got into work it just dropped to the floor like a drunken baby.

“If I’d have voted Labour at the election I’d have just had the day off today.”



photo credit: LukeAndrew94 <a href=”″>St. David’s Day Daffodil</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;