Parents who rushed out to buy a sledge for their children yesterday have this morning confirmed it was all a huge mistake.

The parents, who panic bought the plastic monstrosities which will eventually end up unused in a shed and then the tip, have all agreed it was waste of money which could’ve been spent on something practical like alcohol.

Mum Theresa Connell from Brynmill said: “I knew this was going to happen, I stood outside the shop for a good hour before I decided to buy it, knowing I shouldn’t.

“I suppose I just got carried away in the moment, those pea sized flakes were raining down on me and I thought there was more to come, but there’s barely a dusting this morning.”

Dad Pete Bowen from St Helens said: “I signed a petition on Tuesday calling for less plastic usage and then I go and buy this pissing thing.

“Not only do I have environment guilt, but I also have three kids asking me to take them sledging in no snow.”

Cheryl Gray added: “My husband and I are going to ship the kids off to my mothers, get drunk and ride the thing down the stairs.

“I’ve made it quite clear to him that a sledge is the only thing I want to ride nowadays, so I plan to enjoy myself.”

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