Residents of Mumbles who oppose the opening of a Peacocks where the old Post Office was, are carrying out a silent and inoffensive protest in Bistrot Pierre this weekend.

The protest, which the retailer will probably never know about, will take place tomorrow at the restaurant in the Oyster Wharf development.

Protest organiser Theresa Connell said: “We’re not against the idea of a value retailer in the village per se, we’re just against the idea of a value retailer in the village.

“I was led to believe the store was going to be Edinburgh Woollen Mill and we had no issue with this, tweed and cashmere would strike a perfect balance with the existing and emerging high end feel to the area.

“When someone told me it was going to be a Peacocks I thought they were being obscene, how could Peacocks and Edinburgh Woollen Mill be confused?”

Deputy organiser Pete Bowen added: “Its time for decisive action, but we don’t want to get into any trouble either.

“I’ve drawn up an agenda, to kick things off we’ll order some Tartes Flambees and Moules marieneres before condemning Peacocks shoppers amongst ourselves in hushed voices.

“We’ll then move on to sending Peacocks some silent negative thoughts before indulging in some tasty Camembert.”

Theresa added: “There’s been so many upmarket independent businesses like Seasalt and Prezzo coming in that I’m worried that we’ll lose our identity as a boutique shopping destination.

“Boutique shopping destinations do not sell novelty slippers.”

A spokesperson for Peacocks said: “Look what we’re going to do before M&S, actually open a shop.”

photo credit: ndl642m <a href=”″>Mumbles – Wales – April 2017</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;