Bellends across Swansea are eagerly waiting to rubbish International Women’s Day because it’s such a bellend thing to do.

The bellends, who feel equality is unequal, will spend today commenting on various articles which celebrate the achievements of women in the face of bellend adversity.

Bellend Pete Bowen said: “I haven’t been this outraged since I realised there were gay pride events. Where’s my straight man day?

“Being a man is all about being a misogynistic bellend in comments sections behind a fake Facebook profile, so after my straight day I’ll have my man day please.

“I’ll tell you what adversity is, me trying to find a woman who’ll angrily read the Daily Mail with me, then have race hate sex where I’ll climax too quickly and cry.”

Vest wearer Rob Gray, 48, said: “All these women who want the same pay as us are dangerous and they make me nervous.

“Some of them are even reporting that our unwanted sexual advances and unwanted dick pics are a problem, it’s spiralling out of control. Groping is a compliment.”

Morriston woman Theresa Connell added: “It’s on the 19th of November, bellends.”

photo credit: : Damien <a href=”″>Mask #8 “The Hooligan”</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;