A man who’s been caught cheating on his girlfriend has blamed his actions on Brexit.

26 year old Pete Bowen from Treboeth has been with girlfriend Theresa Connell, 23, from Gendros for 10 months, but was caught out last weekend after Theresa went through his phone.

Pete said: “What a weekend I had last week! Theresa found dating apps, dick pics and graphic text messages on my phone.

“As I explained to Theresa though, the uncertainty of the post Brexit economy has had my head all over the place, so none of this is really ‘me’ if that makes sense?”

Theresa said: “I was in bits, we’d only said we loved each other for the first time on the Saturday and then this happened on the Sunday.

“As you can imagine I was tamping and as there was so much incriminating evidence, I was going to cut his bollocks off.

“Turns out I was completely overreacting because it was down to Brexit, which I can’t really argue against.”

Pete added: “It gets worse because the girl I’ve been seeing on the side is pregnant.

“But with the uncertainty with the hard border in Ireland how could I have possibly prevented that from happening?”

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