The upgraded speed cameras across Swansea will now have a feature to take compromising pictures of the general public.

The new digital system, funded by a Welsh Government grant, will remove the need to use film which can run out. This will enable the council to take more images of cars speeding, as well as of men scratching their testicles.

Welsh Government spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “When the film runs out, there’s lost opportunities to catch people speeding, so there’s a lot of lost revenue which will now be recovered.

“Now though, we can do more. If you’re walking down Carmarthen Road, having a scratch and then maybe smelling your fingers, we can get that on camera.

“The Council will then send you the images and ask for ‘top up payments’ on council tax or the images will be leaked to employers, friends or anyone else.

“It’s a truly innovative approach to boosting the coffers.”

Peniel Green Road resident Theresa Connell said: “I’m concerned about this because I like to iron in the nude and my lover comes over to the house three times a week.

“Now I’ll have to meet him somewhere else and I won’t even be able to speed when I’m driving home. It’s an assault on my civil liberties.”

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