A man from Clase has decided to close down his Facebook page for security reasons.

62 year old Pete Bowen made the decision in response to the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal.

Pete said: “I’ve always been sceptical about putting myself ‘out there’ on the web, so when I set my page up I included no interests or personal details whatsoever and my Facebook name is ‘Pee Bee’.

“I attached the account to the secret email address no one knows I have, which I also use for a variety of extra marital affair sites.

“The only way the page page could be tracked to me is my membership of the ‘Memories of Townhill School’ page, which I’d recently unsubscribed from anyway after I made lewd comments about our old dinner lady.”

Pete continued: “It was virtually impossible for the profile to be traced to me, but as a security measure I’ve deactivated and sent Facebook a stern message about my rights.

“The last thing I need is to be influenced about who I vote for at the next US election. Let’s just see how they cope without me as a customer.”

Facebook spokesperson Theresa Connell said: “We’re doing everything in our power to bring Pee Bee back as a member of the Facebook family.

“He thinks he’s escaped us but we’re evil data overlords and we know exactly where he lives and what he gets up to online. He’ll never escape.”

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