Students have begun to live in the potholes on Fabian Way, it has emerged.

The potholes, conveniently located near the Bay Campus, have been taken over by students at Swansea University as they’re ‘quieter than a Bryn Road bedsit’.

The living spaces for students have even been branded ‘apotments’ to make them sound appealing in this year’s prospectus.

Engineering Student Pete Bowen said: “My apotment is really nice, there’s a little noise from the traffic but it’s quieter than when I lived below some of the lads who were in the rugby team, especially with all their homoerotic goings on.

“We’ve forged a nice little community living down here, although we’re slightly segregated from other students. Instead of apartheid it’s more like apotheid! We have great humour.”

Materials undergraduate Theresa Connell added: “Port Tennant didn’t really appeal to me, although it’s useful being near as it’s easy for me to nip up there to buy weed.

“I took on an apotment and it was the best think I could’ve done. There’s a CK’s Supermarket opening in mine and I’m well positioned to take in all that Neath Port Talbot has to offer. Just kidding.

“The rents reasonably cheap at just £1,000pcm too.”

Head of Student Accommodation Cheryl Gray said: “As the University is set to be bigger than the City & County of Swansea in the next decade, creating innovative living space is essential.

“Every time a new pothole opens up and isn’t repaired, it creates space for ten new students. We’ve been able to house 140 students this week alone.”

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