After the success of last weekend’s flashmob, a Male Voice Choir have announced they’ll be following up with another similar event.

The choir, who beautifully sang Calon Lan in Mumbles on Saturday, announced the plans this morning following the positive reaction from the public.

Choir leader Pete Bowen said: “The response has been phenomenal and the video of us has gone viral. The funny thing is that it was completely spontaneous because we were just waiting for a table in Prezzo.

“We felt it was important to follow up with another performance, as well as show off the musical range the choir can cover, so we’re going for gangsta rap this time.

“It’s an opportunity for us to try to engage some younger members and there’s also a hidden message to the policeman who pulled me over for speeding the other week.”

Choir member Rob Gray added: “It’s a challenging set of lyrics to learn with some interesting words, but I don’t speak Welsh and I pull that off when I sing some of our more traditional tracks.

“That being said, I empathise with the N.W.A. because I’ve been persecuted by the police over the occasions when I purposefully park my car in front of my neighbour’s drive.”

Choir leader Bowen rapped: “F**k the police ‘cos we listen to Swansea Sound. Found my medication in the community centre lost and found.”

photo credit: harmonizermag <a href=”″>Harmony U 2017-9636</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;