Following Cardiff Council leader Huw Thomas comments, which suggested ‘to survive Brexit we should just plough investment into Cardiff’, the rest of Wales has responded.

The comments were made by the Council leader at a breakfast club event in Cardiff, leading to many in the West reeling off the Twin Town Lewis twins line: “Maybe we’ll have him for breakfast.”

Swansea man Pete Bowen said: “Sure, Cardiff has unfairly had a lot more investment than the rest of the country and there’s a John Lewis, but it’s hardly an economic powerhouse in comparison to proper big cities. How about adding to the GVA of the rest of the country so we’re all more productive?

“I make comparisons to Leeds because it’s a regenerated city nestled among far more beautiful surroundings, a lot like Cardiff.

“When people talk about how beautiful Yorkshire is, they don’t refer to Leeds City Centre; they refer to the main assets, like the Yorkshire Dales for example. Which is similar to all the people who say ‘some decent shops in Cardiff, but have you seen the Gower?’

“Leeds also has a Championship football club, I didn’t want to go there but, you know.”

North Walian Theresa Connell said: “Oh, hi! Hello! Remember us? How about spending some money connecting us to the rest of Wales and not just Merseyside? Maybe we can add a bit of economic value and all pull together or some wild concept like that.

“Sorry that Snowdon is such a terrible economic asset in comparison to Splott, which I didn’t believe was a real place may I add, I even had to look it up on our really slow internet.”

Mid Wales man Rob Gray added: “Who needs the Brecon Beacons when you can take in the breath-taking views of a development of student flats? Nothing boosts tourism revenue like commercial premises.

“I’m sure we’ll all survive Brexit by ‘aspiring to be like Cardiff’.”


photo credit: Neil Schofield <a href=”″>Winter sunset, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;