An Estate Agent who’s having a busy long weekend with the family can’t wait to go back to work on Tuesday so she can get back to doing nothing again.

Sales Negotiator Theresa Connell has struggled to recover from the last Bank Holiday, and was shocked to find another one arriving so quickly.

Theresa said: “These long weekends do me in, I’d rather be in the office doing nothing and getting paid for the privilege.

“Lots of my friends who have real jobs dread Mondays, I don’t. Being in work is complete and utter chill, it’s my days off that are hard work.

She continued: “We always have to ‘do something’ and keep the kids ‘entertained’, I’m just not used to it. I spend most of my week complaining about the job I have, which is quite well paid for the amount of work I don’t do.

“Sometimes people ask me to try and sell houses, but we leave that for the self employed ones who rely on the commission. Why can’t family life be a bit more like that?

“We don’t need to make much effort, what people don’t realise is that people need houses to live in anyway, so really they just need someone to unlock the doors. Most of the time we get the owners to do that for us.

“The rest of the time is spent having Bake Off competitions. People get all concerned about NHS staff all the time, they don’t think of people like me who are the real backbone of our economy.”

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